Jewelry Care

Learn how to take proper care for your fine jewelry. Treasure your bespoke jewelry for a lifetime.

Here are some tips that can help prolong the longevity of your rings.

1. Store your jewelry in a clean and dry space

Wipe your rings dry before keeping it to make sure any dirt, oil, or moisture is gone. Individually store your rings in zip-lock bag to prevent both tarnishing and scratching by other jewelry. Release the air before closing the zip-lock bag. Storing it individually will prevent any scratching in your rings.

2. Avoid damaging chemicals

Household cleaning products contain chemicals that may damage your ring once it makes contact. Remove your rings before handling this kind of products.

Avoid using your rings on chlorine swimming pools or hot tubs to prevent any chemical reaction on the rings.

If your jewelry contains gemstones or pearls, avoid immersing it in water, as this can loosen some settings.

3. Regularly clean your rings

To easily clean your rings, mix mild dish soap, with no detergent, with warm water and rub the dirt off the rings with a soft cloth. Rinse with cool water. Use a different soft cloth to dry the rings. Buff with cleaning cloth for a shiny finish.

Regularly polish your jewelry with non-abrasive cleaning cloth.

4. Keep it safe. Take it off.

Take off your rings when you participate in activities that may scratch, knock, or damage it. If you are in doubt of whether you should wear your ring or not, take it off and keep it safe.

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